15+ Free WordPress Themes for Your Restaurant or Coffee Shop

FlexiThemes provides lots of free themes for every type of website. This post will detail the themes available for the food and drink industry. It doesn’t matter if your business is small or big, FlexiThemes has the right theme choice for your site. Just browse through this list and you will find the theme that best suits your needs.

All themes are SEO optimized, that means, your content will be easily indexed and found by the search engines (like Google, Yahoo or Bing).

You won’t need to browse all over the internet again in the search of WordPress themes because the themes included in this list will cover all your design and layout requirements.

Let’s start!

1. – TheCafe


TheCafe WordPress Theme

TheCafe is a beautiful and elegant theme, appropriate for a coffee shop or bistro, in order to attract customers to visit your place. The color palette and the chosen fonts give this theme a touch of elegance and sobriety.

This theme is customizable through the theme options, which are organized in tabs and are easy to use.

2. – Pasta


Pasta WordPress Theme


Pasta is a simple, but well-designed theme for lovers of the Italian cuisine, but it can be used for any restaurant. It has a slider on top of the page, where you can insert images in a very easy way. The theme presents a content region and a sidebar on the right.

This theme, like others at FlexiThemes, comes with additional page templates. For example, you can have sitemaps, contact forms and pages without sidebars in your site.

3. – Foodplus


FoodPlus WordPress Theme


FoodPlus is a clean 3 column theme for the food related industry. It can be used as a personal food blog or to present your ice cream shop or your organic food business. The post list on the front page is divided into two columns. The sidebar on the right can hold a great variety of WordPress widgets like your most recent posts or a search box.

The fonts used in this theme are elegant and easy to read sans-serif fonts.

4. – Café


Café WordPress Theme


People love to drink coffee, always and everywhere. This theme will let you add relevant information like your locations, promotions, and all other relevant information about your coffee shop or bar in an elegant way.

Café is a two-column based theme with a sidebar and can be enhanced through the available widgets within the theme and plugins that provide additional functionality, like reservation or menu plugins.

5. – FreshFood


FreshFood WordPress Theme


The majority of us like to eat well-prepared ingredients. The FreshFood theme is ideal, for example, for a grocery store or a person blogging about healthy eating and living. The social media icons are presented on top, beside the main menu. The color of the secondary menu provides harmony to the whole theme.

This theme, like all other at at FlexiThemes, has a responsive design and it’s compatible with WooCommerce.

6. – GoodDinner


GoodDinner WordPress Theme


This theme suits the needs of places that are a little bit fancier. The overall harmony of colors and fonts provide this theme the appropriate look and feel for sites of places where you spend at least an hour eating dinner with some beloved person.

The theme will help you reinforce the brand of your restaurant and share your story. It’s localization ready, that means, you can translate your theme into all possible languages.

7. – RestaurantPlus


RestaurantPlus WordPress Theme


If you’re looking for a modern and sober theme for your hotel restaurant or sushi bar, then look no more, because the responsive RestaurantPlus theme has got you covered. It features a well-designed slider on top and three columns to share your information.

Its beautiful background will give your site the style and class it demands. Of course, you can configure all these features through the WordPress Dashboard.

8. – Foodness


Foodness WordPress Theme

A beautifully crafted theme with lots of white space, that helps to promote your content. Foodness has a clear balance between colors. Your content will be presented in an astonishing way and your readers or customers will always want to come back to your site.

Like all our themes, Foodness is SEO ready, mobile friendly and comes by default with lots of useful WordPress widgets.

9. – TheRestaurant


TheRestaurant WordPress Theme

This theme is ideal for small to medium-sized restaurants and bars. The texture on the background gives the viewer a feeling of quietness and comfort. It features in a well-designed three column layout, with the content area on the left side and two sidebars on the right.

You can include link buttons to your social media accounts or even include a Facebook Like button with just a few clicks.

10. – MyRestaurant


MyRestaurant WordPress Theme

MyRestaurant presents a beautiful slider, which can be positioned on the front page, or on any other of the pages on your site. The color palette is a combination of light and dark blue with subtle accents of green. This theme inspires confidence and tranquility. The theme has a selection of useful templates, to be used for contact pages, archives or full-width posts.

11. – DinnerTime


DinnerTime WordPress Theme

We all like to eat and drink at some nice place, where you can chill and relax. The DinnerTime theme for WordPress provides a true sensation of comfort and functionality. The two column based layout and the sober fonts are truly a treat for the eyes.

DinnerTime is localization ready, that means that you can translate your theme and therefore your whole site to as many languages as you want.

12. – WPRestaurant


WPRestaurant WordPress Theme

WPRestaurant invites the viewer to enjoy a pleasant dinner to the light of candles. The black background of this theme takes the viewer to an atmosphere of timeless elegance. WordPress has many restaurant plugins that can be easily adapted to this beautiful and sober theme, like plugins for booking tables or building menus with all the dishes in your restaurant.

13. – FoodDrink


FoodDrink WordPress Theme

FoodDrink is a clean, modern three-column based theme. It can be used to create a blog about food tendencies or to inspire a healthy way of living. The two sidebars on the right side of the design can contain as many diverse WP widgets as you want, that way you can be sure that your site has the touch of uniqueness, which will attract visitors to your site.

14. – Foodeluxe


FooDeluxe WordPress Theme

Foodeluxe presents a simple design with flat red and pink accents, which gives the viewer a sense of dynamism and joy. It could be well suited for places like bars and restaurants for young people, who like to have fun and enjoy the pleasures of life.

Foodeluxe is easily customizable through the theme options available to all our themes and through the default WordPress configuration options.

15. – iRecipes


iRecipes WordPress Theme

If you want to share your recipes with the whole world, then you’ll love iRecipes. This theme has a beautiful combination of grey accents and orange, that will make your content stand out. The WordPress plugin repository has lots of Recipe plugins, that can easily be adapted to the site. All this functionality and your wonderful recipes will bring your site to the top of the Search Engine Result Pages.

16. – iRestaurant


iRestaurant WordPress Theme

iRestaurant is a simple, minimalistic theme. It features two columns to place content on the left and widgets on the right of the design. This theme is used to focus the viewer or client on what’s important. That is the content! All your content and information will appear in a clean, modern layout and highly readable fonts.

17. – eMenu


eMenu WordPress Theme

eMenu presents a beautifully designed three column layout with the content at the center of it and the sidebars to the left and right sides. This design awakens sensations of a nice warm place, like the dining room at your mother’s home. The green accents and the textures used in this theme let the viewer think about calm, harmony, and balance.


Now that you had the opportunity to read about all our themes related to the restaurant and bar industry, it’s time for you to pick one of these and start building an awesome site for your restaurant, coffee shop or bar.

Remember, you can use all themes at FlexiThemes for free in your personal or commercial projects. However, you can acquire a standard or developer license in order to remove the sponsored links and get personalized support.

You have also the possibility to access over 2220 themes with a yearly subscription.