Pinterest » The Easiest Way to Claim Your WordPress Website

In this tutorial, I will show you how to verify your WordPress website in Pinterest – the easy way. It will take less than 2 minutes. Let’s start…

Step 1. Download the HTML File from Pinterest

  1. Go to Pinterest.
  2. Select “Claim your website” at the top of Pinterest’s home page.
  3. Select “Upload HTML File”
  4. Download the Pinterest HTML file to your computer.

Pinterest Claim Website and Download HTML File

Step 2. Upload the Pinterest HTML File to your website root folder

  1. Log into your cPanel account at your web host.
  2. Go to File Manager, where we will upload the Pinterest HTML filePinterest Access cPanel's file manager
  3. Make sure you’re in your website’s root folder, where WordPress is installed. It’s usually the “public_html” or a “www” folder.
  4. Use the Upload button at the top of the toolbar and elect the Pinterest HTML file that you downloaded in step 1.

Upload Pinterest HTML file to WordPress website root

Step 3. Go back to Pinterest and verify your website

  1. Go back to Pinterest and click the Next button.Pinterest Next Button to Verify
  2. Click the Submit button to confirm the verification. Submit Website for review in Pinterest
  3. Pinterest will check within 24 hours and let you know by email that you’ve been verified.