Which WordPress Theme Company Has the Most Themes?

1. FlexiThemes

To the best of our knowledge, FlexiThemes has the most WordPress themes of any company in the world. We have 2,221 themes!

All of them are compatible with the latest WordPress version and all of them are responsive.

You can get access to all our themes for one low membership price.

2. TemplateMonster

According to their site, TemplateMonster has 1,977 WordPress themes*. That puts them in the #2 position for most WordPress themes by a single company.

Each theme is sold separately for about $75.

*Note: they recently launched a vendor marketplace so the numbers might be slightly inflated now. But, before the launch they still had a large number.

3. Any others?

Do you know of any other theme companies that get close to these numbers? If so, send us an email so that we can get them added to the list.