How to Build a Profitable WordPress Website in 3 Easy Steps

Out of the most famous website builders, also known as content management systems, the most popular one for 2024 is WordPress and there’s good reason for it.

WordPress dominates approximately 52% of the market by offering a completely free and easy platform, flexible enough to suit the needs of small business websites, as well online shops and big organizations.

The platform is friendly and easy to use and does not require intensive schooling as required of a website builder (ability which take months to achieve). That means that your website could actually be up and running in few days of work, in a process, not more complicated than establishing a social network profile. By filling the blanks with the required information in the different categories, you can have a functional website without knowing how to code. 

Step 1: Hosting Service – Web Hosting – Domain Name

The first step in creating your own website starts in choosing a Web Hosting Service where you will Register your domain.

Web Hosting refers to the service which provides you with the ability to connect your website to the world wide web, also known as the internet.

the Web hosting service stores all your website images, content and files and so without it, your website will be completely invisible to the random Internet viewer.

Domain Name refers to how your business will appear in the search engines.

from obvious reasons, a website which has its own domain will appear as more professional, than a website hosted on someone else’s domain, especially in our days, where there are so many cheap WordPress hosting service providers.

Once you are done with the above mentioned item and you are set with a hosting service provider, you are halfway in completing your mission!

Step 2: Theme selection

Designing a website has never beene so easy. With WordPress you can choose from 1500+ professionally designed themes. You can search your requested theme by using specific keywords or by using filters to find your required design which suits your style most. Make sure to use “responsive” themes, which means from those who look great also on a mobile device.

It is important to mention that changing themes does delete your previous posts, pages, and content. Hence you can change themes as often as you wish without worrying about losing what you have created previously.

Step 3: Content Implementation – marketing (in general)

WordPress offers a user-friendly posting mechanism, which makes it extremely popular to users as it is a powerful tool to fulfill their most ambitious requirements.

Quality Content

Adding good quality content is a key factor in increasing traffic to your website. Your website may be profitable, but not necessarily successful as it could be if it had better content. By quality content, we mean content which does not aim only to promote the website in the search engines, but rather it creates an anchro audience which will finds the content useful and will return to it, time and time again. You can bring your ideas to life through high quality video and photo content which in turn will improve your website metrics.

Posts, categories, and focus tags

The main method of successful promotion is by using Posts of either content or media, under identify categories and focus tags.

Based on your specific service or product, it is highly recommended for you to produce content which genuinely offers high content value, which will attract readers and viewers alike. In a world of very short concentration spans, powerful images of videos and photos are extremely valuable tools to bring traffic to your website.

WordPress made adding all sorts of media content easy, and which in return made WordPress so popular and the recommended CMS platform, especially when it comes to marketing and promotion.